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About us

Who we are

ProLam Industries (formerly LTI) is a leading manufacturer of Thermofoil Products for Kitchen & Bath, Closets & Office Systems, Custom Garage Systems, Gaming, Commercial and Hospitality industries. We combine state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with the latest design trends to create Components and finely crafted doors for cabinet, closet, furniture and construction industry. We offer a diverse mix of over 101 thermofoils available, acrylics, and value added services so you get exactly what you want, when you want it. Service together with quality products have made us a company that you can depend on for your needs.  Big or small we have you covered.


What we do

Component ProcessingProLam's Components department can cut to size, shape, drill, edgeband, miter cut MDF, particleboard, and composite panels. All products can be packaged to your specifications.
Thermofoil ProductsProLam's Thermofoil and Specialty departments utilizes progressive processing techniques, machine centers and software to create 3D Thermofoil products and components used across numerous creative and custom industries.