Privacy Policy

A credit application must be completed with your first order regardless of terms. All terms of sale are C.O.D. or Prepaid until the credit account has been approved. Please notify ProLam Industries, Inc. if a 30-day credit account is desired. It will take approximately two weeks to process credit information.

Certified C.O.D. orders are necessary for customers that do not provide a signed ProLam credit application prior to their order.

•  UPS delivery: one certified payment check, made out to ProLam Industries, will be required upon delivery.

•  Common carrier delivery: two certified payment checks are needed, one for the order, made out to ProLam Industries, and a separate certified payment check for the freight and C.O.D. fee, made out to the carrier, will be required upon delivery.

C.O.D. delivery charges can be avoided by placing a prepaid order; the prepaid order will include only the freight charge. Submit a completed ProLam credit application and select the Prepay box on the order form. If no other changes have been made to the order acknowledgment, use the total at the bottom of the order acknowledgment as the prepay amount. ProLam must receive payment prior to shipment.

Once a credit application has been approved by ProLam, payment must be made from invoice, as statements are not sent, and terms will be net after date of invoice (ADI). A 2.5% charge per month will be assessed to any account past due 30 days ADI. ProLam has the right to change terms to a certified C.O.D. check. ProLam reserves the right to change the terms on any delinquent accounts. Accounts will be changed to certified C.O.D. if a non-sufficient funds (NSF) check is received.

Orders received between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. will receive a ship date of seven working days, or less. Orders received after 4:00 p.m. will receive a ship date of seven working days, or less, from the next working day.

Expedite orders can be requested when needed and will be charged a 25% up charge per order. Expedite orders will be manufactured and shipped within four working days of receiving a signed acknowledgment.

Urgent orders can be requested when needed and will be charged a 45% up charge per order. Urgent orders will be manufactured and shipped within three working days of receiving a signed acknowledgment, and is subject to quantity limitations.

Once a will call order is completed, it will be held for a maximum of three days beyond the scheduled ship date. After the three days, and no previous arrangements have been made, the order will be shipped via common carrier at the customer’s expense.

Please contact ProLam when quoting a large project to enable us to provide the most competitive bid. Discounts are considered when square footage is over 800 square feet per order.


•  A minimum charge of one square foot will be applied to each door and drawer front equaling less than one square foot.

•  All orders less than $100.00 will be charged a $20.00 processing and packaging fee. This charge does not apply to replacement parts due to our error.

•  Mullion and window doors will have a 3/8″ routed area on the back side for glass.

•  All prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing updates will occur through the mail.


•  ProLam uses only the highest quality 3/4″ thick MDF with thermo fused melamine for all of our doors and drawers.

•  Quality control allows one slight defect not easily visible at approximately 24″. Acceptable slight defects include a minor indentation, bump, scratch, or a router imperfection.

•  Quality control will accept one repaired scalp and other small imperfections, such as black dots or small scratches, on door backs.

•  Height and width tolerance +/- 1/25″ or 1 mm.

•  Warp tolerance per linear foot +/- 1/16″ or 1 mm.

Use warm soapy water and a soft clean cloth for regular cleaning. Abrasive and solvent-based cleaners will harm the finish, and will void the warranty.


•  All doors and drawers are custom made to specified finished sizes.

•  Additional hinges for doors over 42″ in height are recommended.

•  ProLam recommends a minimum of 2″ distance from any appliance producing temperatures above 190º Fahrenheit, such as ovens, toaster ovens, range tops, stoves, and dishwashers.

Each customer can receive a 40% discount off standard prices for a permanent showroom display order. Sample doors and drawer fronts are available upon customer request. Standard sample doors are 254 mm (10″) by 330 mm (13″) and sample drawer fronts are 254 mm (10″) by 152 mm (6″), although sizes may be customized. Additional sample items are available at a discount of 40% off.

Additional catalogs are available upon request for $9.00 each. Additional color brochures will be available in the near future.

Foil sample chain sets are available upon request for $7.00. Their size will be approximately 2.75″ x 6″. Foil sample sheet sets are approximately 8″ x 10″ and are available for $15.00 each.

Large volumes of freight ship daily via Oak Harbor, USF Reddaway and Conway Freight Lines. These carriers have given our customers aggressive discounts. For your convenience, use the toll free phone numbers listed below for rate quotes:

Oak Harbor 800-422-8949 USF Reddaway 800-395-1367 Conway Freight 800-845-4647

These freight carriers will require the following information:

•  ProLam Industries Zip Code: 97503

•  Destination Zip Code: yours

•  Approximate weight of package including packing material. Multiply 3.8 pounds per square foot for approximate weight.

•  If C.O.D., please have amount to be collected available to the agent.

•  The weight class for our product is Class 60.

Not all customer service agents at the above listed freight lines will be aware of an out-of-state discount. UPS charges a C.O.D. fee that is added to the invoice, and only one check, made out to ProLam Industries, will be required upon delivery. Common carrier C.O.D. deliveries require two payment checks–one for the order, made out to ProLam Industries, and a separate payment check for the freight, made out to the carrier–will be required upon delivery.


1. All prices are quoted F.O.B. ProLam Industries, White City, Oregon.

2. The square footage of the order, in addition to product size, will determine whether the order is shipped via common carrier or UPS. ProLam should be informed of special shipping needs, such as a lift gate or truck size limitation.

3. Determine the approximate weight of an order by multiplying the total square footage on the order acknowledgment by 3.8 pounds. This will provide the approximate weight of the ordered product including packaging.

4. The shipment should be inspected for any damages that may have occurred during shipping when the order is received. If there are any signs indicating damage, note them on the delivery bill of lading as potential freight damage.

5. The shipment should be inspected for proper quantities and sizes of product on the same day as delivery. It is important to note that any manufacturer claims must be made within seven days of delivery or the claim may be denied.


Note any possible freight damage that occurred during shipping immediately on the delivery receipt before the carrier leaves the site of delivery. Contact carrier to request their freight inspector examines the packages and its contents. ProLam is not responsible for damage sustained in transit. The packaging process has been designed to meet or exceed the specifications of common carriers. Shipment of replacement parts for damaged products will be within 72 hours of acknowledgment.

A manufacturing claim must be made within seven days of delivery. Please review the Product Standards when considering a manufacturing defect claim. A call tag may be issued to inspect the product to notify quality control at ProLam.

ProLam offers a Five-year warranty from date of invoice against chipping, delaminating, cracking and yellowing as a result of reasonable treatment and normal conditions, excluding acts of God. Our liability under this warranty is limited to the replacement component orders as manufactured by ProLam. There are no other warranties of any kind, expressed or implied.


•  Complete all information on a ProLam order form. A ProLam order form should be used unless another agreement has been made, such as a computer generated parts list. The order form is located on the last page of this catalog.

•  It is extremely important to put width and height measurements in the correct columns–width then height. Not doing so will result in mismanufactured product . See example.


width 15″ x height 30″ width 15″ x height 8″

2. There are considerations to keep in mind when ordering any product with wood grain foils. Specify exactly which will be the width and height of the product. The grain on a door will run vertically and the grain on a drawer front will run horizontally. The only way of manufacturing drawer fronts with the grain to run vertically is to order as a door (width 18 inches by height 5 inches).

Any door or plain door, the grain always runs vertically. (with the height)

Any drawer front or plain drawer front, the grain always runs horizontally. (with the width)

3. Orders can be placed in metric (mm) or imperial (in) measurements. Orders in inch fractions will be sent in inch decimals.

4. Send the order form to or fax to Prolam at (541) 830-0302 .

5. ProLam will generate an order acknowledgment once an order is received, and will be faxed for signed approval. Review the entire order acknowledgment. Orders will not be processed until a signed acknowledgment is received. Contact ProLam if an order acknowledgment is not received within 24 hours.


1 inch (in) = 25.4 millimeters (mm) Examples:

1 millimeter (mm) = 0.039 inches (in) 12″ x 25.4 = 304.8 mm

483 mm divided by 25.4 + 19″

478 mm x 0.039 = 18.82″

ProLam will process orders only in metric (mm) or imperial (in) measurements.